Tuesday, 10 May 2011

in for a penny

With little money, mounting pressure from parents, and far too much time on my hands I am seeking inspiration from others in their successful pursuit of that elusive mistress, income. Perhaps I could write a novel, no wait, a sanitising series of novels that pander to the fantasies (and disposable income) of the world’s middle aged women and tweenage girls (why do they love the same guys? it’s just too creepy) 
Or I suppose I could begin behaving like an utter bastard; it seems to work for many successful business people, celebrities and dictators across the globe.  Who needs compassion for their fellow man anyway right? Hmm, my Jiminy Cricket does not approve. And I’m forgetting adventure and excitement! Call me old-fashioned but I can’t go past a diamond heist, they always looked so damn glamorous, and there is of course the Cary Grant factor*. Oh he can dress in black and chase me across rooftops any time.** I think that’s just about made up my mind…goodbye boredom, hello criminal record.
*a well documented and validated factor that guarantees charm and smoulders ahoy 
**I understand Grant is a long dead actor however he is still about 10 billion times more admirable than a fictional 110 year old vampire man-child.

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